Chorus of Voices Denounces Mountaintop Removal Mining

Written by Cameron

Topics: Finance

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We at RAN were disappointed, to say the least, when we learned that the Bush administration was planning to loosen the already lax regulations covering mountaintop removal mining. With the ominous threat of climate change hanging over us, making it easier to flatten mountains, pollute streams, and pump climate-changing coal pollution into the atmosphere seemed to us like a pretty bad idea.

Fortunately, we weren’t the only ones to experience a lip-rattling shake of the head, followed by that mix of outrage, grief and total lack of surprise that has become such a familiar emotion over the last seven years.

Our executive director, Michael Brune, fired off a letter to the New York Times, which first announced Bush’s latest affront. The Times ran the letter yesterday—and, with it, five others, not a single one of which expressed any less indignation than RAN did. In fact, one of the other letters managed to capture precisely the horror that we have to daily set aside to keep living under this administration. I will quote it in full:

To the Editor:

Let President Bush’s latest surge in his war on the environment serve as a wake-up call to the American people as we witness the razing of our forests, the blasting of our mountain ranges and the decimation of communities.

The president and his coal lobby are on the verge of a victory over the very landscape of our nation. The future is unrecognizable.

Gabriel Fenigsohn
New York, Aug. 23, 2007

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