Appalachia is Rising (Part Deux)

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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This past Friday, Mountain Justice Summer organized actions from coast to coast in 22 cities calling out Bank of America for their continued funding of coal mining companies like Arch Coal, Massey Energy and Peabody Energy.

In New York City, concerned citizens performed street theater where “King Coal Thanked Bank of America.”

In Houston, anti-coal guerillas released a helium balloon banner inside Bank of America’s offices in downtown Houston. (Check out their podcast on local Houston radio here)

Flyering occurred in cities from coast to coast as activists communicated to foot and car traffic around Bank of America banking centers the company’s complicity in brutal coal extraction from Appalachia to Arizona.

Bank of America responded that while they loan money to coal companies they don’t endorse their practices. Uh guys… giving them billions of dollars to blow the tops of the Appalachian mountains and strip mine native lands in the southwest is an endorsement of those practices.

Like Mountain Justice Summer showed us on Friday, actions speak louder than words.

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  1. Brant says:

    The Daily News Record quotes Ernesto Anguilla, a B of A Spokesperson in the story linked above: “These are not investments or seed grants, these are loans,” Anguilla said. By lending the companies money, “we’re not making a statement about the morality about what they’re doing.”

    Lenders are morally bankrupt. Strong message Ernesto!

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