Mike Brune bites back at CNN’s Glenn Beck

Written by Luke

Topics: Coal

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So it seems that CNN’s Glenn Beck thinks that cows produce more greenhouse gases than coal-fired power plants.

Mike Brune, RAN’s executive director, was on the Glenn Beck’s show on Monday being interviewed about Live Earth. Beck, like a lot of conservative critics, focused on the carbon footprint of the event itself. Mike refused to criticize the people who performed, saying that they should be applauded for their efforts.

The conversation then turned to the Live Earth organizers requested that people do to reduce their carbon footprint:

BECK: … There’s nowhere in here about vegetarianism or anything like that that would make a real impact on the environment.

BRUNE: Yes, and I think that if there’s criticisms of the concert, it could be that the focus could be on the things that matter the most. But I wouldn’t criticize the artists who performed. I think the most important is to focus on the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, like cars and coal.

BECK: But see, you’ve bought into it. That is not the main cause. It is animal gases that produces more than CO2 than any of the cars that we’re driving.

BRUNE: Sounds like a bunch of bull to me, Glenn. I think that the biggest source of greenhouse gases—it’s a fact—is coal, coal-fired power plants. One of the points on the platforms is to enact a moratorium on new coal fired power, which to me seems like the best way to go, because we can produce clean energy, or we can save energy and not produce any of the pollution.

Read the full transcript here.

In case you were wondering, the US Department of Energy’s greenhouse gases page gives cars and coal as the two biggest sources of GHG emissions; together they make up 64% of the total. Methane, the major greenhouse gas emitted by animals, contributes about 9% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Actual CO2 emissions from animals are not significant enough even to be listed.

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  1. Tony Miller says:

    Pretty lame performance by both Beck and Brune.

  2. Luke says:

    Apparently they cut the interview short to about half of the planned time.

  3. Dan Lundquist says:

    Beck is a sad, tormented ego. We need not cater to these “jock-talk” jackasses. May I ask Michael when put in this situation again to immediately take the role of questioner and let the speaker make a fool of himself in front of his own audience. Refuse to fall in their trap. Or refuse to interview.

  4. Gabe says:

    I just emailed Glenn Beck and posted a link to the EPA website that says that the combustion of fossil fuels is the #1 contributor of greenhouse gases. I then told the fool he is either a liar or misinformed, in my opinion he is both.
    It’s sad that so many people buy into the disinformation over climate change that people like him, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Faux Noise put out on a daily basis.

  5. Mike says:

    It sadden me that there people will try to change policy that our scientist community are trying to make a change in people life. Personally Mike and Glen Beck are nothing liars, fool, misinformated. American people need to stop listen people these and listen to true scientist community leaders about Global Warming or Climate Change.

  6. william hanks says:

    As I search for information debunking Glenn (Bunker) Beck, I thank the several critics I’ve read recently online. I’m collecting evidence that refutes much of Beck’s lies. I got a copy of An Inconvenient Book, and I really am amazed at how extensively Beck lies, commits logical fallacies and gross overgeneralizations. I welcome any references to Beck’s inaccuracies for an article I’m planning. You man contact me: earlhanks2000@yahoo.com

  7. perfectarc says:

    Now I understand why he moved to the Fox propaganda Network. It’s a much more suitable media outlet for him.

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