Chevron to be held accountable in Nigeria

Written by Toben

Topics: Oil

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San Ramon, Calif.-based Chevron Corporation may face a second ‘trial of the century’ after a San Francisco Federal judge ruled yesterday that a lawsuit accusing the oil giant of collusion with the Nigerian government in attacks that killed and wounded villagers protesting Chevron’s practices may proceed to trial in the U.S.

The lawsuit follows a high profile case coming to conclusion shortly in which Chevron may be expected to pay damages upwards of $6 billion dollars resulting from a class-action lawsuit brought by 30,000 plaintiffs in Ecuador demanding environmental remediation after years of wreckless oil pollution.

Hopefully these lawsuits will solidify the notion that any multinational corporation which chooses to ignore its responsibility to operate ethically throughout the world will be held accountable.

Read the San Francisco Chronicle article here:

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