The great northern forest

Written by Toben

Topics: Agribusiness

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Scientists from around the world are calling on the Canadian legislature to strengthen protections for the increasingly endangered Boreal forest. A letter from 1,500 scientists from 50 countries released today warns:

“We are concerned that current conservation planning efforts are insufficient to sustain the ecological integrity of Canada’s Boreal region, one of the most intact ecosystems left in the world. Specifically, the amount of land in protected status within the Canadian Boreal, now at under 10 per cent, is inadequate and must be markedly increased.”

We couldn’t agree more. Canada’s great northern forest, a vast expanse of forests and aquatic islands, is the largest carbon storehouse on Earth, rivaling the Amazon in ecological significance. The area is breeding grounds for over 50% of North America’s birds as well as some of the last healthy populations of the elusive woodland caribou.

The scientists’ letter is timely considering the scope of discussions currently taking place in Ottawa that could determine the fate of the Boreal. Canadian leaders should recognize this as an opportunity to raise the bar by protecting this endangered ecosystem and its inhabitants and not give the extractive industries carte blanche to expand their reach throughout the Boreal.

The ecological, cultural and spiritual value of this forest far exceed the value of resource extraction. The clean air and water it provides, the carbon it stores, and the cultures it sustains cannot be replaced. Lets protect them before it is too late.

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  1. Ana Bikic says:

    Artist Statement
    My art has been inspired by the energy and power of creation.
    I grew up in the mountains of Cordoba , Argentina and nature has been my inspiration from an early age. We are all responsible for the future of this planet and the well being of our inheritors not only our kids but the plants, animals, rivers & oceans too.
    Earth is the spirit of us all.
    It graciously sustains every thing with in for millions of years.
    The world is….Magnificent , Magnanimous & Mysterious.
    Ana Bikic

  2. toni siegrist says:

    This value of this forest spiritually with its life giving creations can not even be estimated. Please protect these living beings that live in the forest and the beautiful forest itself. Thank you very much.

  3. Sharon Kennedy says:

    Your ecological plundering of our natural resources is not only a crime against nature it is also an insult to God’s generosity!

  4. Tina L. Gaston says:

    Haven’t you been listening to the news. The natural climates of the world are changing and if we don’t prevent more carbon release were in trouble. Extinction and polluted water is what you want to leave your children?

  5. We can not give up arguing these points,we need to be more creative in our approach, Ana Bikic’s Ecosybolism Art is on ‘Reef Encounter issue#35′ and the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea,New York have accepted her application to join.Imagine… Highend Art and EcoScientists on the same page.The Boreal is natures art.It’s vandalism is pointless.Natures expression gives us inspiration for life.

  6. Nina Rosu says:

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  7. Woodrow says:

    I don’t get it, what do you mean by the 3rd paragraph?

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