Happy Arbor Day

Written by Japhet

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National Arbor Day was on Friday. Did anyone know? No doubt millions of Americans were taking time off work to go and plant trees in their neighborhoods and communities. Ok, well maybe not. Clearly, Arbor Day has taken a hit on the national holiday regard-o-meter. I can’t remember ever really “celebrating” National Arbor Day. But its a fun concept.

One thing that i was unable to find on the website of the National Arbor Day Foundation, is any mention of deforestation and the problems that ensue as a result of deforestation. I guess the National Arbor Day Foundation that if just keep planting trees and ignore the rates at which we chop them down, there will be nothing to worry about.

One other topic I didn’t find discussed or even defined on the site was invasive species. There was no talk over the current threats to various tree species in regions all over the world or any real push to educate folks on the dangers of planting exotic tree species (commonly called “ornamentals”) in your backyard. Rather, it seemed that NADF was advocating planting most anything anywhere, as long as its in your regional zone and will survive the weather. But, most exotic species of trees and animals actually do exactly that: survive, no matter what is thrown at them.

These are issues that I had thought NADF would be attuned to. Otherwise, are we just grabbing as many trees as possible and throwing them willy-nilly into the earth, hoping for the best? I hope there is a bit more concern than that.

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  1. Jan Welling says:

    Tasmanian Government is spreading dis-information about the forest practices in Tasmania, Australia. Old growth forest is being logged, forest fires are burning when there is a fire-ban, our atmosphere is polluted, our native animals are being killed by 1080 poison. Tree farms are being planted on farming land. Our roads are clogged with speeding log trucks. Our politicans do nothing. Gunns Ltd are taking over this State. Please believe me, I was born here and have lived here for more than 60 years.

  2. Tim Lebreck says:

    I am a ISA arborist, 4 years now, no one wished me a happy arbor day. Why do “we” still use trees for paper? Its poisonous to produce and poisonous to recycle. I live in the northeast, suger maples are dying(acid rain) and norway maples are thriving(invasive). whats going on? global warming global warming. dont worry just turn your air conditioner on

  3. Michael McGee says:

    Concerning Gunns Tasmania.. I wonder how many know (or even care) that disgraced politician Robin Gray is a director, or that Edmund Rouse is on that same board of directors.. http://www.mcgunns.com/robin-gray.html

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