Billionaires for Coal in San Francisco

Written by Japhet

Topics: Coal

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About 20 RAN supporters and staff turned out to the corner of Kearney and California at the Bank of America building in San Francisco, as a group of “Billionaires for Coal” banned together to throw a cocktail party on the plaza, part of . The party was complete with a game of croquet and badminton as well as live phone calls to each of the three banks being publicly “thanked” by the billionaires for their continued investment and support of coal-fired power plant development.
Billionaires for Coal partying at the Bank of America building in San francisco

Morgan Stanely, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, all residents of the Bank of America building, have funded billions of dollars in coal power plant development and continue to support coal exploration (read “mining” and “mountain top removal”). turned out as well to checkout the goings on. While calling into each of the CEOs of the above mentioned banks he let us know that he was turned down for a job with Lehman Brothers a few years ago. Boo Lehman Brothers. I bet they wish they could have that one back.

Getting interviewed by CBS radio

Checkout our pics here. We’ll post video as soon as we have it up and running. We’ll post the archive to when the clip is up and running.

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