John Edwards: “no new coal”

Written by Luke

Topics: Coal, Finance

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Former Senator John Edwards just announced his policy on coal-fired power plants. He wants to ban the construction of coal-fired plants at least until carbon sequestration technology can be developed. He’s also proposing a cap-and-trade system of carbon credits. You can see him talk about it in this video; it’s about three minutes in.

The whole country is finally waking up the coal problem. No one — not politicians, not banks, not anyone, can afford to ignore the problem of climate change (not to mention pollution). We’re in a hole already; building new coal plants will only dig us deeper. Our job is to stop the banks from providing the shovels.

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  1. jonathan harvey says:

    EXCELLENT NEWS FROM JOHNN EDWARDS especially if he intends to use USA grown biomass like Miscanthus being developed in Illnois

  2. mark caso says:

    Strong words, Mr. Edwards; I commend your courageous stance/proposals. Nevertheless, assertive, committed and cooperative action both nationally and globally will be the true test. In a world where the money~power and its subsequent influence clearly reign supreme (overwhelming evidence abounds) and environmental/humanitarian concerns are consistently subjugated to profit~political motive(s), Earth*Life’s fate appears precarious indeed. Truly, it is a complex world but, We “humans” are largely responsible for so many of the woes that besiege Us. Alternatively, a ‘New Age of Enlightened Transformation’ may be realized through Our proactive (versus reactive) focus and participation in building a better world.

    I have read, Mr. Edwards, One minute of war in Iraq costs $380,000 USD -per a calculation made by Joseph Stiglitz, a US Nobel Prize winning economist. That is almost double the cost of the war in Vietnam. Further, according to the WFP, the UN’s food aid organization, it costs US$0.19 to feed a child for a day. Nineteen cents. 20,000 children die of hunger every day. The time it took you to read this post, already 15 died. Taking those two figures together, one minute of war in Iraq would feed 2,000,000 children for a day. One day of war in Iraq would feed 8,000,000 children for a year. There are 800 million hungry in the world. Three-four months of war in Iraq would feed all hungry in the world. Three-four months of war, we have done before. Many times. But we have never fed all the hungry in the world.

    One might well ask how We came to allow these travesties and, certainly, an even more relevant question is – Will We allow such status quo to continue?

    Further, logic suggests reasonable (rational) minds will find measurable difficulty in ignoring the science and warnings of so many of our most esteemed and educated individuals in the scientific community, as well as diplomats, regarding Our environmental circumstance. Yet, the prevalence of unconcern, disregard and outright denial is bewildering, if not mortifyingly tragic. Perhaps avaricious consumption is too great a temptation for too many, the perceived sacrifice too great a price to pay – a burden of inconvenience.

    My fellow Earth Citizens, I offer the following thoughts for contemplation:

    Imagine, if only for a blink of enlightened awareness, that Life is a Precious Miracle ~*~

    This living Earth ~ Nature – Flora, Fauna, Human Life – irrespective of origin – is (as evidenced by Its very existence and breathtaking variety) a fantastic, precious miracle. Here, on this fragile orb, and Nowhere else in our universal neighborhood have we observed this glorious miracle – this rare jewel that is Life…
    and Here dwells Humankind, with the capacity to Cherish & Nurture, Respect & Sustain Life…
    or degrade, diminish and destroy It.

    So, there is choice. On the one hand Life,
    & on the other… Empty Nothingness…..

    Conscience and intelligence entreat Respect for Life.

    A person (group, society, etc.) is largely defined by their motive(s) as well as by their deed(s) or inaction, as the case may be. And so it is with Leaders, governments, corporations & the like. Further, by consequence, legacy and destiny are manifested.

    In terms of intrinsic value, true human progress can only be defined and effected by means of unwavering Respect for Life. A continuous, focused and dedicated devotion to improving the human condition and its impact (Footprint) on Our EarthHome and beyond. Therein is the measure of Our worth and the Hope for Our lineage.

    Wisdom and courage are demonstrated by choosing to better OurSelves in all human traits and activities, wherever and whenever opportunity is presented, not only as a matter of convenience or in times of desperate response to crisis.

    In that light, there can be no doubt or argument as to the right choices to be made and actions to be taken Here & Now. Opportunity and necessity mandate decisive measures, on a global basis.

    I salute and honour every man, woman, and child on the planet, for whom the noblest of noble ideals – Respect for Life – holds true.

    May PEACE Be With You & Yours, & With Us All.

    ~ Also, John, please accept my sincere wishes and prayers for Elizabeth’s full recovery.
    May the Universal Spirit bless you both with continued Love & Happiness, as well as your children.

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