Step it Up – No New Coal April 13th!

Written by Matt Leonard

Topics: Coal

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As most people who follow this blog know, there’s been tremendous momentum in the past few months challenging the US Coal Rush. From stopping power plant construction in Texas and North Carolina to leading scientists and politicians calling for a moratorium on coal – NOW is the time to hold firm on our demands. No New Coal – Period.

Every dollar spent on new (and existing) coal development is a dollar spent destroying ecosystems and communities and accelerating global warming. There is no responsible energy policy that involves coal – so-called “Clean Coal”simply does not exist. As a recent MIT report shows – the ability to capture and sequester carbon has yet to be proven on a commercial scale and even if possible, “clean coal” ignores the massive destruction from mountain-top removal surface mining and transportation.

Join us on April 13th and 14th as Rainforest Action Network and our allies will take the “No New Coal” demand to the doorsteps of Wall Street’s richest banks.

Seven banks are funding most of the new coal-fired power plants that are currently being developed in the US: JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Citi, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Lehman Brothers.

It’s time for Wall Street to “Step It Up” by ending investments in destruction and to instead support energy efficiency and renewable energies like solar and wind. If we want to stop ALL new coal development – then we need to pull the financial rug out from under companies like TXU, Dynegy, Duke, AEP, LS Power, Massey Energy, Arch Coal and more.

Take the first step by downloading our “No New Coal” action kit:

You’ll find all the tools you need to tell the bankers and financiers to stop funding new coal power plants. Find local bank branches, download a letter you can take to the local branch manager, send a letter to their corporate headquarters, and learn about how your group can become “Billionaires for Coal” for the day of action.

Be sure to register your action – or check out what’s already planned in your community:

If the banks don’t fund them, then the coal power plants won’t be built. Together, we can convince these giant banks to Step It Up and start funding the future!

4 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. josh wozman says:

    What city/cities are the protests in? Hoepfully SF, as i will definitely join.

  2. Japhet says:

    Josh, we’ll def have one in SF as well as other cities. most likely NYC will be in the mix. We’ll keep you posted and keep coming back to the blog to check it out.

  3. says:


    I think the best aproach to this would be to concentrait on getting the most progresive states in the country to ban new coal power plants to build momentum for a national ban, or at least to work from most progressive states to least progressive states getting all that we can to ban new coal power production.
    Thank you for listening and considering my idea,
    Stan Szawlowski

  4. another citizen for change says:

    What of Texas? Any events planed?

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