When Moose Dance Like Deer

Written by Brant Olson

Topics: Frontline Communities

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A report from Gloria Kejick. She’ll be speaking with others from her community in Victoria on Friday:

Destruction and Interruption of the Laws of Life, Cycle of Life
Many years ago, the Elders of the Grassy Narrows Madawin Lodge spoke of a time to come….

“When Fish Float”
Instead of swimming; this came to be in the early 1960s when the waters of the English River system was polluted with mercury resulting in the people’s relocation from what we know as “the old reserve” to the current location where Grassy Narrows is now located. With that we lost our Traditional Mandawin Lodge and Fasting/Vision Quest grounds, the loss of our traditional customs, ceremonies and survival impacted on the people with great devastation to our spirituality, well being and health

“When Moose Dance Like Deer”
Recently a moose came into the community dancing like a deer. It had to be put down by local trappers as the Elders said that the behavior of the moose was not natural. Upon gutting the moose, there was nothing found until the skull was opened – there they found parasites growing on to the brain of the moose

Both these incidents and many more are signs and evidence that the NATURAL LAWS of LIFE have been interrupted. The CYLE OF LIFE has been INTERRUPTED. The wildlife’s only means of communication to us is through their behavior. Their behavior communicates the DESTRUCTION of the CYCLE OF LIFE which came to be as the clear cutting became more wide spread and very close to Grassy Narrows

Traditional medicines, food and survival practices are no longer a way of life due to the clear cuts and sprays.

Gloria Kejick facilitates activities and assembles resources to support their projects. Gloria also teaches traditional knowledge and spirituality and works as a counselor for people affected by sexual abuse. Read more about her 3000 mile journey to confront Weyerhaeuser at FreeGrassy.org

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