What would you do with $11 billion?

Written by Japhet

Topics: Interviews

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We’ve had quite a few people weigh in on this question. Answers all over the board really, but a common theme seems to be developing: focus on alternative energy and cleaning up our emissions.

Perhaps my favorite answer of the bunch so far is from Karen in Portland, OR. She says: “I’d buy land and 30 yurts and live off the land and be an example of green living.”

I gotta say, Karen, you certainly are thrifty. I think, after those two purchases you’d probably have about $10.905 billion left over.

Some folks were more conservative in their desires like Isaac from Amherst, MA who would “get hybrid vehicles for every state government in the country.” Others put forth more expansive plans like Ken in Los Angeles: “Solar roof tops for poor people and offer to develop solar power in Iran.” Wow. That might negate the whole nuclear need, eh?

Its great watching the ideas stream in. Keep it coming and forward the link on to your friends so we can get more ideas and people up there. If you haven’t seen it yourself yet, take a look:


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