Kimberley-Clark and Klogged Toilets

Written by Japhet

Topics: Pulp and Paper

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Some of our friends at Greenpeace in Ontario shut down a Kimberley-Clark office this morning. Kimberley-Clark manufactures Kleenex and other paper products from ancient forests all over the world. In fact, the Kleenex you use to blow your nose is actually made up of 200 year old trees. Thats some expensive blow!

4 activists locked themselves down to each other inside the offices of Kimberley-Clark, while spreading “neat” piles of woodchips around to signify the type of products that are being made out of Canada’s most precious ancient forests.

I rather enjoyed the rare-but-overdue xenophobic comments made by Greenpeace Canada’s spokeswoman:

“…they’re the perfect example of an American-based multinational corporation coming into Canada, devastating our forests, pulling out, and leaving northern communities in shambles…so what we’re seeing is our northern forests being wiped away and flushed down the toilet by American consumerism.”

Ouch. So, I’m wiping with ancient trees? This is ridiculous. Besides the British, Americans are using the most toilet paper per person per year at a whopping 34lbs. Thats about 100 rolls annually. And thats just toilet paper. On a side note, I will be investing in the plunger business as it heads into a monumental year — with this much Canadian old-growth going down American toilets its bound to create a backup.

Its about time we Americans heard what we’re taking from Canada and understand that its not sustainable. Since they have the forests, I guess American companies just assumed the Boreal Forest was the next stopping ground to meet our temporary needs of paper.

Kudos to Greenpeace and a great wakeup north of the border in attempting to stir the consumption giant below them.

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