I (Heart) Your Car

Written by Sarah

Topics: Coal

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Here’s a fun Valentine’s action from our clean car coalition partners in the UK. Hand out Valentines to all those drivers who are driving the demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. They’re using their buying power to send a message to the automakers that we want fuel efficiency on the road now. So, let’s thank them!

From the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s:

We feel it’s time to reward those drivers who have made the effort to buy a small and efficient vehicle. How many times have you passed a little electric G Whiz, Smart Car, Toyota Prius or Honda Hybrid and thought, “thank goodness someone is doing something different”, and yet you didn’t leave them a message to say “thanks for caring about our future”.

Well, this Wednesday morning you can. We’ve designed a colorful Valentine (Be My Valentine!) which you can print, fold, cut and leave on a neighbor’s fuel efficient car.

You’ll need access to a color printer. The file prints 2 cards onto one A4 sheet – If you are printing at work and the printer has a duplexer unit then you’ll need change the settings to print front and back. Otherwise you’ll need to print the front, and then put it back in to print the back. Don’t forget to use recycled paper!

Once you’re done printing, just fold in half and trim up with a scissors or a paper cutter.

If it’s rainy, you may want to leave the card in a clear plastic bag under their windscreen wiper, so it doesn’t get soggy, or better, hand it to them when they leave for work.

Let us know how it goes!

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  1. Sally says:

    Good site! I found in google.com +

  2. Kenny says:

    I get the big picture, and I think folks may need to do more to conserve, reduce, etc.

    However, big thumbs down on the UK website. Issuing fake citations to people? There are some things that SUV’s are good for that cars can’t accomplish.

    An example. I commute in four door sedans. However, I have a Suburban for weekly duties or family chores. Note, it sits in my driveway most of the time, unless I really need it.

    This weekend, I carried 11 people plus luggage, all while getting about 18mpg on the freeway. Sounds terrible, but then try doing it in three cars and taking up more space on the roads and expelling possibly more gas powering three cars.

    Small cars can’t carry loads either. I’ve used my suburban to move 20+ sheets of drywall. SUV’s have their place if people use them correctly (not for daily commuting).

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