Environmental Defense wants a piece of TXU

Written by Japhet

Topics: Coal

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Great 30 second bit on how TXU is putting profits before health and safety. My favorite part is listening to the TXU representative try and support the company’s case that they’re actually “cleaner” coal. Some of these facts are just outrageous:

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  1. Lan Chang says:

    Hi, I am a student in California who attends Troy High School. I am currently writing an essay on deforestation, a topic that I feel that should be addressed as soon as possible. However, for my essay, I require 2 primary resources. so, if at all possible I would like to conduct an interview with someone knowledgable about deforestation. If anyone would like to help me spread the word to my class mates with former experience, please contact me at blueboyphantom@gmail.com

  2. Tony says:

    Any news on rainforest protection, or don’t you do that anymore?

  3. Toben says:

    I think stopping the TXU plants has everything to do with protecting rainforests. Perhaps you should look at this way:

    Global climate change has emerged as perhaps the greatest danger to the the Amazon rainforest at this time and current warming trends threaten to transform it into a state of irreversible decline.


    We know beyond certainty that industrial activities are fueling global warming and that industrialized nations have a responsibility to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions immediately in order to avert catastrophe at a planetary scale.


    Certainly one of the best ways to turn the tide on this serious threat is to stop it at its source. TXU\’s plans to build these coal plants in the U.S. will single-handedly add 78 million tons of carbon dioxide to Earth\’s atmosphere every year. That\’s equal to the total greenhouse gas emissions of several US states and more than 80 percent of the UK’s Kyoto emission reduction commitment.


    It is practically inevitable that these plants overall impact will have a detrimental effect on the Amazon already decreasing ability to act as a carbon sink.
    So I say \”Save the rainforests. Let\’s stop TXU.\”

  4. I see Global Warming B4 my eyes in Florida thru the storms getting bigger and their numbers increase. These coal plants will compound this problem by adding all that extra CO2 into the air. The storms might get so bad that they rip down their new coal plants that they build. Two bads don’t = a good. Wake up!

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