Al Gore nominated for Nobel Prize

Written by Japhet

Topics: Climate

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For his work on climate change and ability to invigorate the debate around global warming. Gore was nominated by the former Min. of Environment from Norway, Borege Brende.

I wonder if that will hurt the NSTA’s rep? Not exactly commonplace to refuse a movie starring and produced by a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

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  1. Toben says:

    I love that there was an ExxonMobil ad on the CBSNews site floating alongside the Nobel story.

  2. Frank Very says:

    The are a few things that might not escape the Nobel Prize nommination board. In Robert Riech (the former Clinton-Gore Labor Sec.) wrote a book called ‘Locked in the Cabinet’. In this book the former Labor Sec. tries to warn Clinton of the affects to come if the were to move ahead with the GAT (General Agreement on Trade and Services). Like most attempts to reach the oval office, Robert Riech is snuffed out by a dismissive Al Gore, more or less telling the Labor Secretary to stop being so dramatic. This flies in the face of having Global Warming concerns. I mean hell… are we going to nominate Charles Manson Attorney General the year he denounces mass murder!

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