2006: Hottest Year on Record

Written by Japhet

Topics: Climate

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How’s this for a New Year’s resolution? Stay cool. That’s what the earth has to be saying to itself as average annual temperatures continue to climb thanks to the growing coverage of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

We knew it was coming, but now its in the books. USA Today reports that according to the National Climatic Data Center 2006′s annual average temperature was 55.01 degrees Farenheit, the warmest yet.

I think everyone knows the weather, especially this winter, has been nothing short of whacky. My roommate called his mother in Boston on January 4th and she was gardening. My parents were in jeans and t-shirts in Burlington, Vermont, a state who’s maple syrup producers have shrunk dramatically in the face of warming winters.  A friend from college called my on New Years day saying he hadn’t been for a jog in shorts and a tshirt in January for as long as he could remember. He lives on Lake Michigan in Chicago.

While some would like to continue to challenge the fact that the earth is warming, I like to think that events like Katrina, winters like this one and maybe summers like last, all act as convincing arguments for the reality of climate change.

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  1. bert says:

    i am a lover of the rain forest

  2. Joe Reagiani says:

    This article is terrible, and serves no purpose. You need to learn how to write. This gives no facts just your opinion and commentary. Hope you have a really HOTTTTTTT year! It’s actually nicer when it’s warm:0)

  3. JT Patrick says:

    Particularly in light of what the UCS published about Exxon manufacturing uncertainty, check out excepts from Amy Gooodman’s recent column about the Texas Tiger–

    “ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded company. It is also the most profitable corporation in history. The Union of Concerned Scientists just issued a report documenting how ExxonMobil has implemented tobacco-industry tactics in its efforts to fight the movement to accept global warming as truth and to require massive regulation to help slow its onset.

    “According to the UCS, ExxonMobil “manufactures uncertainty” with a sophisticated and well-funded campaign. They funded a network of 43 “grass-roots” organizations with $16 million, recruited scientists willing to publish non-peer-reviewed articles that challenge established science, and flooded the media with these “experts,” creating the essential “echo chamber.” A critical part of ExxonMobil’s strategy involves lavish spending on electoral campaigns and lobbying to ensure that Congress and the White House follow the line on questioning human-caused climate change.”

  4. switpi says:

    Any campaigns or news on rainforests? This is the Rainforest Action Network, right!?

  5. Japhet says:

    To Joe: blogs are nothing but opinion and commentary…welcome to the internet. However, the articles I site in the above post are NOT opinion and commentary but based on facts and figures.

    To Swipti: you\’re right that this particular blogpost isn\’t specifically dealing with rainforests. However, the impact that climate change, oil addiction, and the banks that bankroll projects that destroy rainforests around the world is dramatic and clear. For more blog posts dealing with rainforests, specifically checkout:
    Forest Consciousness
    OXY Leaves Peruvian Rainforest
    World Rainforest Week

  6. Rob says:

    In Washington DC, there were flowers blooming, trees looked like they have small buds that one might see in the latter part of March. Columbia, MD has seen mosquitoes this past weekend (mid-January ’07). We might hit the freezing mark for the first time in a month on Tuesday night.

    ps. switpi appears to be slightly tipping towards the clueless side, I’d like to help. RAN is involved in more than just rainforests (althought, rainforestation is a major concern), they’ve got plenty going on (which would definately qualify them for the ‘Action’ word), they work extremely hard at getting people involved in a possitive way (hence the word network).

    If you’re going to attack someone for not living up to their title, why not go after something like Homeland Security, for instance? =-)

  7. switpi says:

    I was referring to the whole site. Where is the Rainforest Action?

  8. switpi says:

    Sorry, got cut off. I see lots of temperate forest action, climate action, social justice action, but where is the defense of tropical rainforests?

  9. Rob says:


    I was going to assist you in your desire to descover all that RAN has done, but I am sure if you are sincere you can do a search in the little white box at the top left of this page. Suggested word search ‘Rainforest’

  10. Rob says:

    you can find the search at the main page.

  11. switpi says:

    What is being done now. Why are there essentially no tropical rainforest conservation items anywhere on the front page?

  12. switpi says:

    oh, I take that back, on the left top it says you are protecting endangered forests while on the top right that you promote sustainable logging. Any contradiction there?

  13. Courtney says:

    okay, bitching and complaining how this site isn’t good enough is NOT going to help the rainforests. If you don’t like the fact that these people aren’t taking actions, why don’t you try to make a different. An effing grade 10 kid can see this before all of you so called “activists” try doing something about it yourselves.
    No offense though.
    And also to Switpi -> if their doing sustainable logging it’s better than clear cutting wholr rainforests it’s called compermises dumbass they can’t just stop all logging in one day.

  14. switpi says:

    What a potty mouth. Sustainable logging of ancient forests has been shown scientifically to destroy the very biodiversity and climate values that make them unique. I am asking reasonable questions and want a resonable answer.

    1.) Why does the “Rainforest Action Network” not have any rainforest campaigns or information on its front page (for some time now)?

    2.) On what basis does RAN claim ancient forests can be sustainably logged?

  15. bio-essence mawn says:

    swipti … RAN is what RAN is (it’s gone the direction of abandoning the grassroots and instead likes to appeal to rich people.) They love to lobby big corporations (i.e. Mistubishi, Citi, Apple … etc.) and then, get these entities to make little token changes. They then have big parties for their donors and claim a big “vicory.” It’s just how they work. But, why harrass the debutaunts they hire? The real work will be to convince the stoner-doners to take the whole organization in a different direction or to spend their money elsewhere.

    Also, non-profits that focus their best energy on development are acquiescent and quite lame. It’s the “cutsified,” corporate-friendly world of activism – not to be confused with say real people doing things for themselves… oh well … just the way it is …

  16. HoHo says:

    your an idiot and need to go find some facts about global warming. are you for it or against it because all you write is that your mom was out gardening in the middle of january. i like to garden in the middle of january as well even when it is snowing outside and is 6o degrees outside. do you think that when we burp or fart we are putting wholes in the ozone? thats a myth and i want you to prove it since you think that we are going through global warming. go get a cup of coffee with al gore maybe he can teach you something about how penguins are going to start migrating to the united states and glaciers are going to melt. is the world going to flood in 2009? 2009 is when the mayan calendar is said to end, do you think this is true as well? I hope you put some thought into this and go read a book or two and learn to spell, or that just a sign of being a liberal? I hope you still feel as strong about this when the world doesnt end in 2009 and penguins dont start swimming up on our beaches!

  17. Kelly says:

    It seems that everyone on this site shares the same goal and that is to help preserve the earth. My question is, I know there is a lot of passion on this topic.. but why all the arguments and nasty point of views? We all share the same vision… Jeesh! Get along people!!!!

  18. tori says:

    yall anit telling me what i need to know get more facts on what rainforest and tundra records on them thanks thats all i have to say no had fellings

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