A More Convienent Truth

Written by Japhet

Topics: Climate

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Al Gore’s documentary on global warming officially moves to DVD today. How scary is it that with all the horror films in theaters these days, the most frightening one was a documentary? Terrifying.

Slashdot has a great reminder commentary on the movie and why its one of the most important flicks of this generation. While, not surprisingly Slashdot leans heavily on the idea that technology will save us, they also remind us that it will take more than “two miracles” to solve global warming:

But meanwhile, though we hope someone can build us an airbag before we crash the car into the tree, that doesn’t absolve us from stepping on the brakes. Right now, we need a change in attitude, in our community and our politics, to start slowing the damage we’re doing every day to our grandchildren’s Earth — to buy them time, and give them more options. The only way that happens is when the governments of industrialized and developing nations decide this is a priority.

Well said. Maybe the new Congress can decide its a priority because it doesn’t seem Mr. Bush is even giving it the time of day.

Now go buy the movie. Have a family member who hasn’t seen it? Watch it with them during the holidays.

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  1. Eamon says:

    We are showing this movie to 6th graders tomorrow, it will be interesting to see their reactions.

  2. Richard says:

    It should be seen by everybody – an ideal Christmas gift!

  3. Thom Quann says:

    Americans should send a copy of the DVD to White House and the Capital Building.

  4. Lauren says:

    I would really like to see Bush himself watch that DVD.

  5. Dave Joy says:

    Don’t bother. Your time is better spent building an earth-bermed home out in the country somewhere (anywhere) SOUTH of the 38th parallel where the glacial ice sheets MAY stop. Also, it might not hurt to learn everything you can about sustainable living. Hunker down, baby… and starting collecting survival gear while you can.

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