Angola 3: Free them

Written by Japhet

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Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace have been in solitary confinement in Louisiana State Penitentiary for more than 34 years. In prison for armed robbery they were convicted of killing a prison guard in 1971 despite a substantial amount of questionable evidence against them. Woodfox and Wallace are two of the original Angola 3 who have been behind bars on questionable grounds. Robert Dee Wilkerson, the third member of the Angola 3, was just recently released after a series of epic hurdles involving the bureaucracy of Louisiana’s legal system.

Perhaps the most disturbing piece in this case is the reason why these men are still in solitary confinement today. Long known as political organizers within Angola they have been further targeted by the all-white prison because of their activism while behind bars including forming a Black Panther Party. The murder charges, which continue to be unsubstantiated, were a tool to keep them from organizing and in solitary confinement. After 36 years, its time to free these men whose only real crime is recognizing injustice.

Wilkerson continues to organize outside Angola for his two friends. Also, David Stewart, a filmmaker and photographer has put together a dramatic video featuring the voices of Tina Schlieske and Nadirah X images of the Woodfox and Wallace.

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