No Love for Massey Energy at the Polls

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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As a great blue wave washed over America with a new majority in Congress and ousted Donald Rumsfeld from the Pentagon, George Bush and the Republican Party aren’t the only ones who were rebuked on November 7th. On Election Night, Massey Energy and its CEO Don Blankenship were foiled at the polls as over $6 million was spent over the past 3 years trying to turn West Virginia from a blue state into a red one.

During the 2006 election, Blankenship targeted 40 Democrats in the West Virginia’s House of Delegates with $2 million. Their number in that body increased from 68 to 72—a stunning blow to someone who tries to rule like a feudal lord.

He has worked to create a legislative atmosphere favorable for his union-busting anti-environmental operations, not without success–

“Union leaders say Mr. Blankenship, 56, is the main reason that less than a quarter of the state’s coal miners are now organized, down from about 95 percent just three decades ago. And environmentalists describe him as the biggest force behind a highly destructive form of mining called mountaintop removal that involves using explosives to blow off the tops of mountains to reach coal seams.”

Blankenship attempted to transform West Virginia government into a “No Go Zone” for workers and the environment. While this struggle is far from over, it is inspirational to see West Virginia’s voters say “No” to Blankenship.

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  1. Mountaintop Removal is a plague here in the southeast. I’m glad to see Blankenship was foiled by the electorate.

  2. amunro says:

    come on massey join the green wave–the born agains have!

  3. Donna J says:

    It’s such a shame that money-makers continue to rape the earth and pillage the landscape which embodies the homes to beautiful animals and trees–nature’s innocent victims. I wonder how you can sleep at night with your bellies full of crap and your wallets filled with money at the expense of the earth. Your ‘blakened’ hearts ooze of filth and oil. What is it like living with yourselves?

  4. Ann & Tom Oliver says:

    Oh, my Gosh! Do you environmental rapists know NO LIMITS??? What must we do to stop you? Bury you with the dynamite you’re using to destroy our planet? May you be buried in toxic waste adn drown in poisoned waters… It is your due.

  5. Ryan says:

    Fuckers!!!! stop destroying the earth’s last frontiers, if you have kids your obviously not thinking about their future. your the true terriosts of this world. fuck all of you environmental destroyers and the slut mothers that gave birth to you!!!!!

  6. Vivian Parson says:

    It is time we humans stop destroying the very thing that sustanes us. That thing is our mother earth, at the rate we are destroying her, we can expect her to fight back and destroy a bunch of us if not all.

  7. Charlene Rush says:

    ME, ME, ME = IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION AND MONEY, MONEY, MONEY AND POWER, POWER, POWER. If these abusers have children, they honestly don’t care about the future for them or their grand-children!

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