WV Granpa marching for clean air and safe schools

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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This week, West Virginia Granpa Ed Wiley will be arriving in Washington DC to deliver a letter to Sectretary of Education Margaret Spellings asking for help to build a new school in the Coal River Valley.

Ed’s granddaughter goes to Marsh Fork Elementary, a school sitting right next to a toxic site owned by a Massey Energy subsidiary.

Goals Coal, a Massey Energy subsidiary, stores coal waste and chemicals in a 2.8 billion-gallon pond up the mountain from Marsh Fork Elementary, where Wiley’s granddaughter attended school. Less than 100 yards from the playground, a silo holds coal processed at an adjacent plant.

This is getting ridiculous as coal companies are more concerned with their bottom line than the local school children’s well-being. Ed is walking from West Virginia to Washington DC to raise awareness about this injustice. His campaign has been taking donations down to the penny to build a new school.

If you want to help out, check out his website. If you are in the DC area, join him Wednesday morning when he walks into town and up to Capital Hill.

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