Weyerhaeuser: “Under My Skin”

Written by Japhet

Topics: Agribusiness

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From our folks up in Seattle…

It was after your typical Northwest moistness on Saturday that members of the Seattle Rainforest Action Group showed up to needle logging giant Weyerhaeuser about its deception and devastation. Less than a mile from the company’s global headquarters in Federal Way, Washington, we paid a visit to a housing development built by the company’s erstwhile subsidiary, Quadrant Homes.

Whoever conjured up the business plan for Quadrant should definitely receive a big, shiny, gold star for Devious Capitalism. First, Quadrant is given old Weyerhaeuser land around the Puget Sound that has been logged all to hell and then clearcuts it one last time to make way for cheaply-built new “McMansions” (a sad new trend across the West). The wood they use for the houses is from, whom-else, their sugar-daddy Weyerhaeuser, wood which has been clearcut from forests in Canada. Slam, bam, big profits all around…

Except, that is, for the forests devastated both in Washington and Canada, and the small fact that the endangered forests clearcut for cheap 2x4s happen to be the traditional lands of the Native Grassy Narrows people. That’s right, this is stolen wood we’re talking about. The theft is so obvious, you can see it from space (yeah…the giant patches are clearcuts).

To expose the truth behind the wood in these houses, we set ourselves up outside the Quadrant sales office, offering organic juice and information to potential home-buyers, countering the ‘free lemonade’ (not organic) and deception available inside. Next, we took truth to the doorstep and went door-to-door in the housing development, talking with home owners about the stolen wood they had unwittingly purchased along with their houses. Most folk were amazed, as Quadrant had marketed these houses as ‘Built Green.’ I think we turned on some light bulbs, just one more step towards waking up Weyerhaeuser.

Oh, and by the time we left, it was bright and sunny.

-Justin Rolfe-Redding is a member of the Seattle Rainforest Action Group (SeaRAG) and is currently working to acquaint himself with the glorious rivers, trees and summits of the Cascades.

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  1. Toben says:

    Someone should nominate SEARAG to head the Neighborhood Homeowners Association. Good work y’all!

  2. russell s says:

    Bush has to be arrested and thrown in jail.

  3. Sue Iri says:

    Good for you guys, they should know they are not acting in a vacuum!

  4. Shannan Eid says:

    Reading this is certainly enlightening and disappointing, as my son and his family bought one of these Quadrant homes in Redmond. They are very environmentally concerned people and will be highly upset to know the facts. I hope you will distribute these facts in the Redmond Ridge area, as the people there should become aware. Shame on Weyerhaeuser and Quadrant. Is the city of Redmond aware of the facts?

  5. sheera macfarlane says:

    Hello RAN
    Weyerhaeuser here in Kenora Ontario has just shut down production of its Timberstrand Mill, now called iLevel, for 1 month because the market is not good. Workers at the mill believe that the production shutdown may be longer. Many of the workers are looking for other employment due to low moral. Workers report that management at the mill have informed them that there is between 90 and 100 million dollars of this product sitting in the yards of their three mills combined, Hazard Kentucky, Deerwood Minnesota and Kenora. Perhaps people are researching Weyerhaeuser product history, close to a billion dollars in lawsuits due to faulty and substanderd product, and maybe they don’t want to build their homes from stolen resources and plastic wood.

  6. Jason Wrobel says:

    Thanks for the enlightening activism. The pictures of Puget Sound are absolutely horrifying. Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. David says:

    Hey Shannon,

    It would be great if your son complained to Quadrant and asked them to stop using Weyerhaeuser LSL products stolen from the traditional territory of Grassy Narrows. The evidence linking this human rights and environmental abuse to Quadrant is in this report:


    You can find many ways to keep Weyerhaeuser honest here:


    If your son is interested in speaking out as a decieved homebuyer with an ethical and environmental conscience he can contact me at dsone@ran.org.

  8. Christy says:

    Inspiring work you’re doing! Wicked good– keep it up!

  9. Chris Muschong says:

    We can contact Weyerhaeuser by email, from their website. I told them I’m not using their wood to finish my basement because of their logging in the Grassy Narrow’s land. If more people vow to hit them where it hurts, maybe they will listen.


  10. Is there a furniture manufacturer or reupholsterer out there who would care to help me produce a line of furniture, based on picture`s of life in the rainforest. It could be auctioned and all of the money/less cost could be donated to rainforest preservation,

  11. sheera macfarlane says:

    The kenora Timberstrand mill is now facing another week of production shutdown due to poor markets. Employees reveal that the plan after the shutdown is complete is that 2 days a week untill further notice production will be halted. Big Wigs from the Company were on site on Sept 28th and the jest of the talk was interpreted as doom and gloom for this mill by employees. I guess you reap what you sow.

  12. Brant says:

    Thanks for the feedback Sheera. How are workers reacting to the slowdown? Think there’s any chance of some dialogue?

  13. Leigh McKeirnan says:

    This email is for Rainforest-please look into who is on the title of all teh companies Weyeerhaeuser has connections with -like Quadrant homes-I think you will find huge connections

  14. Sheera MacFarlane says:

    Now that Weyerhaeuser has permanently layed off 41 employees and temporarily laid off 50+ more here in kenora Ontario Canada, Employees are eagerly talking about this company.The stories that are circulating in this community are incredible. Rumors are circulating that even the Plant Manager may have been demoted and put on contract. The devastating effects that these employees are going thru should be a clear indication that although Weyerhaeuser claims that they really care about them is just another lie. Temporarily laid off employees have quit and/or have left town to search for other employment, people are selling or have sold their homes, families have been separated, marriages have dissolved, people are devastated. This company and any company that is associated with them are now being exposed for what they truly are.

  15. Sue says:

    i will buy a quadrant home becuase im so tired of environmental activists…. get a job!

  16. Matt says:


    Why don’t you ever point out that Weyerehaeuser replants three fold everything they cut.

  17. Brant says:

    Matt, you IP address indicates you work for Weyerhaeuser. Please get back to work and think about changing things from within.

    Sue, this is my job. Now, back to work!

  18. Jeremiah says:

    Wow I found this while looking for info about Quadrant Homes.I too agree with Sue I’m gonna buy one just to piss of the tree huggers. Do you really think Weyerhaeuser is the only company cutting down trees? If you have anything in your home made from a wood product then somebody cut down trees to make it give it a break everybody is doing their part to destroy the planet get on-board…Do you also think Weyerhaeuser is the first to lay people off or have cut backs? How stupid can you be both my parents have been laid off or let go due to cut backs my mother worked for Delco-Remo when I was a child and she was let go and the plant she worked in was shut down don’t you think that affected families? If you want to complain about companies destroying the enviroment then take a good look at the goverment/military…

  19. Jack Pratt says:

    Justin Rolfe-Redding can go hump a tree

  20. sheera macfarlane says:

    When I was employed by these People? the stock price was 110.00 per share. Today it is approx. 17.50 per share. It seems apparent that consumers have gotton a whiff of what weyerhauser and its products are all about. Check out youtube of engineered lumber homes burning within minutes. Several firefighters have been killed falling thru the engineered i-joists floor systems and roof trusses. There are claims that this product is “GREEN”. Methel diphenol-diisocyanates are what are used to glue the wood strands together, check out Bhopol India gas leak from union carbide plant which killed 3000 people in one night and sickened hundreds of thousands of people over the last 30 years. Methel diphenol di-icocyanates were used in thier fertilizer plant. It is highly reactive to fire and water. I personally would not build a home of of this stuff if they gave it to me. I used to make these products. Recently there have been more layoffs including Middle Management here in Kenora and rumour has it that this mill won’t be here much longer. They have been stopped from stealing wood from the Whiskey Jack Forest, a traditional land of the Ojibway Nation, Hooray.

  21. Justin says:


    Thanks for that unfortunate news. Clearcutting stolen forests and building toxic, flammable products is certainly not sustainable, for a business, its shareholders, employees or the environment.

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