Wells Fargo HQ Swarmed by Posse of Environmentalists

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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Written by Todd and Rhea

On Friday, July 14th, a swarm of folks hit the street at Wells Fargo’s corporate headquarters in San Francisco. It was the second time in as many weeks. Dressed conspicuously in cowboy hats and red bandannas that read, “Wells Fargo: Lootin’ and Pollutin’ since 1852,” we reminded passerbys that Wells Fargo still has a Wild West mentality when it comes to exploiting natural resources and destroying landscapes. Nearly everyone who walked down the crowded street during lunch hour slowed down to read the large banner we held up just beside the ATM: “Less PR, More Progress; Stop Funding Destruction!” This time around, we were less shy and more vocal about communicating our message. Eyes and ears perked when we linked Wells Fargo to global warming. It appears the flyering and banner droppings have begun paying off- even Wells Fargo’s employees seemed more willing to listen this time.

Not many seemed aware that Wells Fargo is funding Massey Energy’s mountain-top removal coal mining operation in Western Virginia: a toxic threat to the health of natural ecosystems and the local community.

Wells Fargo has adopted the Equator Principles: a set of guidelines set forth by the banking industry to promote more responsible investing practices. It seems that they have not kept their promise, and the public is beginning to take notice. You can bet we’ll be out there again soon, demanding that Wells Fargo leave dirty energy behind and fund the future!

To stay updated on the global finance campaign, check out: http://www.dirtymoney.org.

In celebrity news- Scott Price, the treasurer of RAN’s board of directors, serendipitously walked by, voicing his support!

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