How Green Was Their Valley?

Written by Scott Parkin

Topics: Coal

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The New York Times recently posted an article pointing out environmental impacts of coal on local China communties.

Just as coal mining in West Virginia is severely affecting the health and safety of communities in the Appalachians, coal mining in northern China is doing the same.

“The problem is that the village is surrounded. Coal mines on the north and south side have already tunneled under the village; a huge chemical factory, just 650 yards west of the village, has fouled the air; and dust from the man-made mountain on the east side slams into the village daily.”

Earthquakes, dirty air and sandstorms are all part of the impact of the local coal industry. While the coal is powering China’s rapid growth, the extraction is leaving the landscape, like in West Virginia, a wasteland.

Environmentalists are working with local peoples to stop this, but as far as the Chinese government is concerned they are only getting in the way of progress.
Working in solidarity with our friends in the mountaintops of West Virginia, Rainforest Action Network has campaigned to get San Francisco based bank Wells Fargo out of the coal business.

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