Seventh Gen Heads South

Written by Japhet

Topics: Learn, Wildlife

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The fellows over at Seventh Generation have picked up shop andTypical forest clearcut in the Amazon headed down to the Amazonian Rainforest for a trip to inspire and educate others about what’s really going on down in the “lungs of the world.” Along with regular audio blogs Jeffrey Hollender has written briefly about what they are seeing and the effects of the escalated destruction of the rainforest throughout the Amazon river basin.
An interesting part of one daily excerpt mentions the continued clearcutting that is occuring as a result of expanding soy production and agriculture.

Today we flew over hundreds of miles of virgin forest, punctuated by huge tracts of land that have been deforested for logging, cattle or soy production. (Much of the land ends up growing soy beans to be sold to Cargill.) 20% of the forest has been lost. What’s left is breathtaking. What’s gone a disaster.

Soy is quickly becoming one of the main crops responsible for thousands of acres of virgin rainforest being cleared. Thanks to Inspired Protagonist for the good work and reports coming directly from the field down in Brazil.

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  1. Marielle C. says:

    For science, I had to write a short story or such., and i chose to write about the Amazonian Rainforest. I wanted to get the message across that wwe are destriying such a beautiful place, and we need to stop it before it disappears. I really think its great that people are trying to educate people about what is happening to it, and trying stop the deforestation.

  2. alex says:

    looks really bad….

  3. I agree with the metaphor used, i think forests are lungs of the world, and we (some of us, or, to be more precise factories and organizations some of us run) are like nicotine. We need to stop doing that, at least partly, at least for a while.

    Got patch for the forests!

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