Oil Prices Spark Anger

Written by Japhet

Topics: Learn, Oil

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Fellow activists down in Dallas, TX took Exxon-Mobil to task over the recent record earnings by the world’s largest oil company and for their record on the environment. 60 protestors demonstrated out front of the Dallas symphony hall where the company was holding its annual share-holder meeting.

My favorite quote from new CEO Rex Tillerson (does it get more texas-oilman than that?):

“Interest in our industry is very high today with the rise in commodity prices, concerns about energy supplies, and the focus on our company’s earnings,” Tillerson said, adding that the debate had shown how little people knew about the energy industry.

“The level of misinformation only makes it more important to discuss the massive scale of our industry and the meaningful alternatives available in the foreseeable future.”


Interest is always been high in oil Rex! Whether its because they make millions or make billions the interest is always there. And I love the “misinformation” bit. It sounds so familiar….

Thanks to Truthout.org for the story.

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