Lagos Explodes

Written by Japhet

Topics: Learn, Oil

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Horrible reports coming this morning from Nigeria. A gas pipeline exploded killing between 150-200 people after a leak in the pipeline caught fire igniting scores of people scavenging for fuel to sell. An explosion of this type doesn’t leave a pretty picture and hundreds of bodies were found with a 3 mile radius of the accident most charred beyond recognition.

Of all the countries that the U.S. imports oil and petrol from, Nigeria ranks in the top 5 of both products. Militants have already warned the world of an impending oil war between villagers who live in abject poverty and foreign oil interests, like BP, who continue to take what they can of the country’s resources from a population relatively in the dark when it comes to the wealth they sit on.

This catastrophe shows who shoulders the burden of such corruption. It’s not the government or corporate white-collared officials who are picking up the charred bodies today, its the villagers and loved ones who continue to find a way to get ahead in a game they cannot possibly win.

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