Chevy’s Anti-SUV Commerical

Written by Japhet

Topics: Learn, Oil

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Chevy and the show “The Apprentice” have banded together in a contest allowing users on the web to create their very own Chevy Tahoe commerical. The winner is aired on national TV. Its a great idea, really, to get people interested in the product. But, I guess they forgot that not everyone is in favor of the SUV market. Maybe enough folks who are ready to dismantle Chevy make their own negative commercial? Could be a rough go for the the other worst auto-maker in America.

Check out one such submission. I have to say, I had a good chuckle over this. I guess this is what happens when corporations try to act “grassrootsy.”
UPDATE: It appears they’ve pulled that particular submission down. I imagine if they continue to get negative submissions they’ll just pull the entire site down. However, hope some of you folks submit your own Chevy Tahoe commercial so we all can see your creative genius!

I posted my own version of a commerical:

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