A changing climate for global warming?

Written by Brune

Topics: Oil

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The latest issue of Time magazine should be a wakeup call for leaders in this country. It’s a special report on global warming with a headline, “Be Worried. Be Very Worried.” The cover story by Jeffrey Kluger describes how there is no doubt among scientists and independent policymakers that climate change is real, “..in the past five years or so, the serious debate has quietly ended.” Need a little more proof? Also, check out these pictures of Argentina’s Upsala Glacier.

These stories are excellent, but what does it all mean? Mark Twain famously said, “Everyone is talking about the weather, but nobody is doing anything about it.” It’s important to raise awareness about global warming, but it is imperative for our corporate and political leaders to take action. How many severe storms must we endure before the President shows leadership on climate? How many communities threatened or species extinguished before Ford Motor Company, Chevron, and the rest of corporate America takes responsibility?

Let’s hope that we don’t get simply more hot air. Indeed, flipping through the pages of the current Time, one will find ads from British Petroleum, Ford, General Motors – companies that are rarely accused of being climate heroes. We need to make sure that these companies aren’t allowed to actually market themselves and profit through the perception that they are leaders on climate, but without really doing much. As RAN campaigner Bill Barclay said yesterday, paraphrasing JFK, “Ask not what the climate crisis can do for you, but what you can do for the climate crisis.”

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  1. mike,
    congratulations! Next time I see you if you are ready and willing, I will deliver my rant on why blogs are part of the Aquarian uprising, part of the big paradigm shift of consciousness. Blogging is part of an evolution for the better…okay..deborah, get a hold of yourself..the rant stops NOW! Check out my blog….

  2. Dan Firger says:

    Having just spent a month in Argentina I can tell you that the climate crisis looks a lot different from down here in the Global South. For one thing, folks are pissed as hell that US oil addiction has pretty much ensured the disappearance of their glaciers! What’s more, most of the rest of the world is doing what they can to curb emissions – even while US oil consumption climbs higher month by month. Ask any Bolivian/Argentine/Thai, and I’m sure they’ll tell you that if US citizens/consumers can’t get a handle on our government/corporations soon, we’ll all be living with a much more dangerous climate, both atmospherically and politically speaking, before too long.

  3. Toben says:

    It’s great to see the media finally giving worthy attention to the threats posed by global climate change. Perhaps even more important is their willingness to finally call the oil industry out on its deliberate role in funding ‘junk scientists’ to deceive the public and keep the issue in a constant state of denial.


    Then there’s the repeated revelations that the Bush Administration altered government studies and muzzled scientists who spoke out on the existence of global warming and its effects, including a prominent NASA climate scientist.
    The deception game is over. It’s time for a public apology from these folks and a commitment to get to work on these issues while we’ve still got a chance.

  4. Celia Alario says:

    ah yes, it was bound to happen! Blog away, it just may save the rainforest. And I know that you will also go outside and smell the redwoods, hug your wife and child and press flesh so I am not at all worried that you will be assimilated!

    Blog on brother, blog on. **I have one too!**

  5. Randy Hayes says:

    On one level it is all so simple: stop the Bad, start the good, and be a warior for Mother Nature. Thank you for what you are doing.
    Save the rainforest!

  6. Sabrina Robinson says:

    i think that we should not encourad a lot of companies causing a lot of hot air because its just causing more global warming. I also agree with Mark Twain because humans talk about how we should not litter and things of that nature but they don’t take the time to pick up something off the street.

  7. David Lambert says:

    Keep up the great work! Your connection between reducing global warming via reducing eating beef/meat is excellent.

  8. Dirk says:

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    god created the earth, humans created the world and humans destroyed it

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